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24% off GATE Practice Book Electrical Engineering Vol-2- Engineering Mathematics Electrical Engineering Books


Edition 3rd
Authors R K Kanodia & Ashish Murolia
Publisher Nodia & Company
Pages 642
Binding Paper Back
Language          English


GATE MCQ is a practice book containing more than 3000 solved objective problems for practice. The book is featured as

  • The book is categorized into Units(Subjects) and each Unit is sub-divided into Chapters

  • Chapter organization for each Unit(Subject) is very constructive and covers the complete syllabus

  • Each Chapter contains an average of 40 questions and there are approximate 400 problems for each subject

  • The questions match to the level of GATE examination

  • Solutions are well-explained, tricky and consume less time. Solutions are presented in such a way that it enhances your fundamentals and problem solving skills

  • There are a variety of problems on each topic

  • Gate Previous Year Solved Questions has been added for each subject

  • Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude(GA) are also included in the book

  • Included Numerical Type Questions




1. Matrix Algebra

2. Systems of Linear Equations

3. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

4. Limit, Continuity and Differentiability

5. Maxima and Minima

6. Mean Value Theorem

7. Partial Derivatives

8. Definite Integral

9. Directional Derivatives

10. First Order Differential Equations

11. Higher Order Differential Equations

12. Initial and Boundary Value Problems

13. Partial Differential Equation

14. Analytic Functions

15. Cauchy's Integral Theorem

16. Taylor's and Laurent' Series

17. Probability

18. Random Variable

19. Statistics

20. Correlation and Regression Analysis

21. Solutions of Non-Linear Algebraic Equations

22. Integration By Trapezoidal and Simpson's Rule

23. Single and Multi Step Methods For Differential Equations


10 Full Length Mock Tests  
30 Subjectwise Tests  
100 Topic Tests  
Descriptive Solution for Each Test  
Self Performance Analysis  
Compartive Analysis with Toppers  
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